Drop Leg Holster With a Battle Belt

Drop Leg Holster

Choosing the right kind of a holster for your battle belt can be quite the hassle. You basically have two options when it comes down to choosing a holster system for your battle belt. You can go with either a holster mounted directly on your battle belt or use a drop leg holster. 

There are a lot of different variables to consider when looking for the perfect battle belt holster, that would fit all your tactical needs.

In the following article, we are going to talk about what are drop leg holsters, what are their good and bad qualities and how to wear one when you are carrying a battle belt. 

Drop Leg Holster 

Drop Leg holsters are holsters that are mounted on a platform, that runs down from your beltline to your thigh. The platform is then secured to your thigh with either one or two straps.

There are many different platforms and holster combinations to choose from. And still, leave a lot of space for customizing the holster to your personal needs. 

Pros and Cons of Wearing a Drop Leg Holster With Your Battle Belt 

Drop leg holsters have been the go-to sidearm carrying option for military and law enforcement personnel for a long time now.

They have a lot of good qualities to cover one’s tactical needs. But as for all things they do have their set of shortcomings.

While figuring out if they are the right option for you or not, you should consider the following pros and cons: 

Drop Leg Holster Pros : 

  • Quick draw. Drop leg holsters are mounted on your thigh, between your hip and knee, where your hand naturally hangs. This quickens your sidearm draw. 
  • Weight distribution. Thanks to a drop leg holster you can get some extra weight off your hips. Helping you distribute the weight of your gear over your whole body. 
  • Frees up space on your battle belt. The drop leg holster is mounted with straps to either your battle belts innerbelt, our just your belt. This frees up a large section on your battle belt, for whatever extra gear or pouches you might need to carry. 
  • Good with body gear. They are especially good when you wear full-body gear or bulky armor. If you wear your sidearm on your battle belt, while wearing body armor, your body gear can make accessing your sidearm quite difficult. 
  • Accessibility. They are really easy to access in any position you might be in. 

Drop Leg Holster Cons : 

  • They can cut off your circulation. If strapped to your leg too tight they can cut off your blood circulation quite fast, making them very uncomfortable to wear. Even when strapped just right, long time wear can still get pretty uncomfortable. 
  • Moving around. Drop leg holsters can get snagged on everything around you. And it’s fairly simple to pump it into stuff. Plus when not secured tight enough they tend to wobble and move around on your leg- making it uncomfortable and hard to run and jump around. 
  • Driving. It can be difficult to fit in a smaller car, and the holster can start interfering with your driving quite a lot. 
  • Concealment. Because the holster is mounted on your leg rather than hip it’s almost impossible to hide or conceal in any way. 

How To Wear a Drop Leg Holster With Your Battle Belt 

There are two options for wearing a drop leg holster with your battle belt

First would be to attach the holster strap to the inner belt of your battle belt.

Wearing the drop leg holster this way tends to start pulling your whole battle belt down. It can start to tilt down on your holster side of the body.

Wearing the holster like this might become uncomfortable over time. Because the belt can start to rub into your other side. 

The second is to have the straps on your pants belt. This would separate your sidearm form your battle belt.

This way your battle belt wouldn’t be weight down more. Also if for whatever reason you would remove your battle belt you would still have your handgun on you. 

The holster should be placed a little higher than where your hand naturally hangs (not too much).

If the holster is mounted too low, it will be harder to access and you will need to tilt your body to draw the gun.

If mounted too high it will put extra pressure on the blood vessels on your thigh cutting off your circulation. 
The leg straps have to be pulled rather tight to avoid the holster from moving and wobbling around.

But not too tight. Remember that you need to be able to wear the holster for long periods of time, so you shouldn’t sacrifice your comfort too much. 

Example Drop Leg Holster 

The Safariland 6304 ALS Tactical Leg Holster is an excellent example of a drop leg holster.

It’s one of the most popular drop leg holsters on the market. Favored by many.

The Safariland 6304 ALS is super sturdy and basically indestructible.

And for the looks, it has the classic look of a drop leg holster. It is mounted to the belt by one strap and has two adjustable leg straps.

The platform uses a three-point holster attachment. Witch is fairly common, meaning you can change and use different holsters on the platform.

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